(Fixed) UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP or Stop Error 0x0000007f

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In most cases, an unexpected kernel mode trap or error 0x0000007F is caused by incompatible, faulty, or outdated drivers. Therefore, you need to update your existing devices to drivers to see if that solves your problem.

Restart your computer.
Press F2 or Delete to enter BIOS. Pay attention to the key guide in the upper right corner.
Go to the advanced menu.
Select Cache storage.
Make sure it’s disabled. F10
Click to save and exit.
Choose yes.

Click Start.
Enter “In-Tool Memory Diagnostic” in the search box.
Right-click the Memory Diagnostic Tool.
Select “Run as administrator”.
Follow the instructions to start the diagnostic process.

Is the unexpected mode kernel trap a virus? Files infected with malware or viruses can cause UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP blue screen errors. So, launch an anti-malware program and run a computer scan to find and remove malicious files.


If you have a Windows STOP 0x0000007f blue screen error: UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP, you may only get some basic information about the code. Stop 0x0000007f is an error that occurs when there is a problem with the hardware installed on the system. Hardware problems can include defective RAM, motherboard failure or system overclocking problems. This is more of a hardware problem than a software problem.



Restart your computer

If you just got the error message 0x0000007f on the blue screen, you can simply restart your computer to see if computer problems can be corrected automatically. If this is not the case, proceed to the second track.

Free or increase disk space on your computer’s hard drive.

If your computer has really little disk space, also try to free up or expand the computer’s hard disk space to fix these shutdown errors 0x0000007f problems.

To free up much more memory, you can try deleting all unnecessary files, applications, videos, games, and more data, defragment your hard disk, or even format the hard disk directly, and so on.

To increase computer space, add a second or third internal hard drive or switch to a larger internal hard drive.

RAM memory test

Windows Memory Diagnostics

The error may be caused by faulty or unsuitable memory.

If 0x0000007f occurs immediately after a new RAM connection, shut down the computer, delete it, and restart the computer to see if the error has been corrected.

If the error is caused by defective RAM memory, check your memory using the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool.

To do this, follow these steps:

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Click on Start
Enter the Memory Diagnostics tool in the search box.
Right click on the memory diagnostic tool
Select Run as administrator.
Follow the instructions to start the diagnostic process.

Clean dusty components of your system.

To maintain the temperature of your system at an optimal level, it is strongly recommended to clean the internal components regularly. Before you begin, make sure the PC is turned off. Disconnect all devices such as USB drives, printers, etc. from the network. Open the train and dust the motherboard components, starting with the CPU fan, memory modules, PCI slots and spread the dust to other parts. After a complete dust removal, assemble all parts and reconnect the units to your PC.

Stop Error 0x0000007F

In summary, the blue screen error UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP is a major problem for Windows 8 & 10 users and one of the best ways to locate the cause is to return to the latest changes made to the system. In most cases, likely changes include downloading and installing defective or incompatible device drivers, installing incompatible devices, malware infections, or defective RAM. If you have the error of the blue screen, we invite you to try the above solutions and let us know how it happened.


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