Fixed: Cannot Add Guests Issue in Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams is a tool that allows users to collaborate via workspace chat and video conferencing. The ability to add guests is a feature that allows users to invite people from outside the organization to participate in video conferencing. Several users have reported an issue with not being able to add guests to Microsoft Teams meetings.

Why can’t Microsoft Teams add guests?

In most cases, users can’t add guests because they haven’t enabled this option or configured it correctly. If you are using Microsoft Teams with a personal account, you can invite anyone. However, if you are using a business account associated with a professional license, inviting external users is usually restricted. Inviting external users to business Teams is usually restricted to protect network privacy, but this feature is available. You may need to enable it.

How to resolve the “Can’t add guests” issue in Microsoft Teams?

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Update Microsoft Teams

  1. If the problem persists, try updating the Microsoft Teams client.
  2. Launch the Microsoft Teams application and click on the profile image.
  3. Click Check for updates.

Microsoft Teams will download and install any pending updates. The desktop client automatically checks for updates every time you log in. However, you can also check for pending updates manually.

Checklist for adding a guest to Microsoft Teams

  1. Make sure that the guest access option is enabled at the team organization level.
  2. Make sure that you have configured the Azure AD business-to-business settings. Then go to the Office 365 teams and configure them for guest access.
  3. Also, configure Office 365 sharing.
  4. Make sure that you have checked the sharing settings in SharePoint.
  5. When granting access, be sure to enter the full email address of the guest user.

Granting access using a PowerShell command

You can add guest users to Microsoft Teams by using the PowerShell command.

  1. Open PowerShell as an administrator.
  2. Log in to Office 365 using PowerShell.
  3. Once you are logged in as an Office 365 administrator, enter the following command:
    Set-MsolCompanySettings -UsersPermissionToReadOtherUsersEnabled $True.
  4. Now try adding a guest user and see if the problem is resolved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Log in to the Microsoft Teams Administration Center. Select Organization Settings -> Guest Access. Set the Allow Guest Access in Microsoft Teams option to On. Under Calls, Meetings, and Messages, select On or Off for each feature, depending on what you want to allow for guest users.

If you want to communicate and collaborate with people outside your organization, Microsoft Teams gives you two options: Guest access - With guest access, you can invite people outside your organization to join the team. Those invited are given a guest account in Azure Active Directory.

If you can't add someone to your personal channel in Microsoft Teams, it's because they are not part of your core team. This may sound strange, but unfortunately, it is not possible to add people directly to a private channel. Scenario: You may be working with external users. Add everyone to the same team.

  1. If you own a team, go to the team name in the team list and click Advanced Options. -> Add Member.
  2. Start typing a name, mailing list, security group, or Microsoft 365 group to add to the team.
  3. When you have added all participants, select Add.
  4. Select Close.
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