Fix PS4 Error Code CE-33984-7 Cannot Obtain IP Address

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Some PS4 users claim that they get the error CE-33984-7 when trying to connect to the network. The error code contains the message “Unable to obtain an IP address within the specified time”.

As you know, PS4 CE-33984-7 is an Internet connection error. It usually occurs after an IP address has not been obtained. Some of the possible causes of this problem are listed below, and you can explore them.

  1. Problem with PSN server
  2. TCP/IP inconsistency of the router
  3. Console not listed as primary
  4. Automatic connection configuration assigns wrong values

Set the IP address to manual

CE-33984-7 PS4 An error may occur if your PS4 has a static IP address. You can use the IP address set on your PS4. Because of this, your PS4 could not get an IP address from the modem/router. Set it to automatic or manual mode and then increment the last three digits of the IP address. You can also assign an IP address to the PS4 through the router. You can find information on that in this YouTube video here.

  • Go to settings.
  • Network Access.
  • Go to the Internet connection setup.
  • Select the desired WLAN or LAN cable.
  • Select Custom.
  • Select “Manual” or “Automatic” as the IP address.
  • If manual, increment the last 3 digits.
  • Enter the IP address, subnet, and gateway that you copied.
  • If you don’t have a DNS server, use Google Public DNS.
  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:
  • Select automatic to configure the MTU.
  • Select Do not use proxy server.
  • Then check your connection.

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Check the status of the PSN service

PS4 error CE-33984-7 may be due to a server problem that causes the connection to time out during the PSN connection process. Before you start troubleshooting, make sure there is no problem with the PSN server.

Visit the PSN service status page and see if there are any problems with your account management or PlayStation Store.

If the PSN status page shows any problems that may be affecting your network connection, all you can do is wait for Sony to fix the problem. Please check this page regularly.

Otherwise, if the PSN service status is correct, you should proceed to the following solution.

Check the Ethernet connection

“PS4 Error CE-33984-7” can also occur if your PS4 Ethernet has a problem connecting to your modem/router. Check the connection by following the instructions below.

  • Connect using your Wi-Fi. If you can connect to your modem, this indicates an Ethernet problem.
  • Reconnect the Ethernet cable to the PS4’s LAN port and reconnect the Ethernet to the modem/router, starting with LAN port number 1 and increasing it if it does not connect. The LAN ports may be disconnected or malfunctioning.
  • Call your ISP, your modem’s LAN port 2 or higher may be disconnected. Some ISPs have disabled it with a firmware update, if the customer knows.
  • Replace the Ethernet cable. It is also possible that your cable is damaged.
  • Check your modem or router settings if your PS4 Ethernet MAC address is static or your Ethernet MAC address is blocked.
  • Enter Safe Mode and rebuild and test the database.
  • If step 5 fails, go to safe mode. Initialize your PS4.
  • If all steps failed, send your PS4 to a service center to check the LAN port for repair.

Reactivate the console as the main console.

Some users who have also encountered this problem have confirmed that they can solve the problem by activating their account as the primary account on their console. In most cases, this update is considered effective when the CE-33984-7 error occurs when trying to access digitally purchased media.

Several affected users who had the same problem reported that they no longer received the error code after going to the console settings menu and turning on their console as the primary PS4 in their account management settings.

If you don’t know how to do this, follow the instructions below to eliminate the CE-33984-7 error code by setting the console as the primary PS4:

  • On the PS4 main control panel, click the “Settings” tab in the horizontal menu at the top.
  • Once you are in the Settings menu, go to the Account Management menu.
  • From the “Account Management” menu, go to “Activate as Main PS4” and select “Activate” when prompted for confirmation to begin the process.
  • After completing this process, restart your computer and see if the problem is resolved the next time you start.

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