Fix ARK Unable to Query Server Info for Invite

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ARK: Survival Evolved is a survival video adventure game developed by Studio Wildcard in collaboration with Instinct Games, Efecto Studios and Virtual Basement. In the game, players are stuck with many prehistoric animals and must survive in a multiplayer online game!

However, some people may find it impossible to play the game, because the official servers seem invisible. When users use the browser of an in-game server, the list is empty and the Steam server browser displays the message “It is impossible to get information about the server by invitation”. We have come up with different working solutions for different causes of failure and hope that they will be useful for users around the world.

Reasons why you don’t ask for information about which server to invite during a game in ARK:

There are several reasons why you can’t request server information for ARK Prompt. However, some of the main reasons are listed below:

  • The wrong winsock directory to reset.
  • There is no automatic connection to the server. Or, the automatic connection has been moved to a new location using the start option.
  • Also, the game uses some ports that may be occupied by another program installed on your computer.

Reset the Winsock directory

If you reset the Winsock directory to the default or pure state, you can remove the ARK that cannot request server information after the invitation fails. Here is how to reset Winsock. You can try

Step 1: Enter cmd in the Windows Cortana search box, right-click the most appropriate query and select “Run as administrator”.

Step 2: Type the following command in the command line window and press Enter to launch it.

Reset Netsh Winsock

Step 3. then restart the ARK: Survival Evolved game and see if the ARK that can’t request server information after an invitation error message disappears.

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Redirection of multiple ports

If you own your own ARK Survival Evolved server, this method is for you. Since the game uses many ports, to work properly, you must specify them in the Internet settings. However, if you can not do this, follow these steps:

  • Open a web browser, enter the default gateway number in the address bar and press Enter.
  • Then enter your username and password in the field to access the user interface of your router. Although the default username and password are included in your router documentation, you can enter “admin” in both fields.
  • After logging in, you should find the “Port Forwarding” section in your browser. You should know that the window of each router is slightly different. So you have to search until you find port forwarding. Some of the common menus where you can find port forwarding are “Port Forwarding”, “Applications”, “Firewall”, “Secure Installation” and “Games”.
  • Regardless of the router user interface, you must enter the same basic information. The port you want to open in the “External” and “External” sections, or you can also specify the port range. Follow these outgoing rules:
  • All platforms

Ports TCP / UDP 7777 and 7778

TCP / UDP port 27015

Essentially, TCP and UDP denote the service type options. Since you can select one of the options at a time, you will need to repeat this step several times.
Now click on the “Save” button to apply. Also remember to reboot the router and the computer you are using.

Reset the automatic connection to the server option

This error occurs when users try to automatically connect to their server, which you can do in the game start options.

However, if the server you are using has disappeared or you have switched to a new IP address, you will need to either remove this startup option or install it as a new server to connect to.

Step 1: Start the Steam client on your desktop and go to the “Library” tab in the Steam window.

Step 2. find ARK: Survival Evolved in the list of games in the library.

Step 3: Right-click on the game entry and select the Properties option.

Step 4. on the “General” tab of the “Properties” window click the “Set Startup Parameters” button.

Step 5: Remove the Connect Server IP: Port entry in the Startup Options window, where Server IP and Port are the actual numbers representing the server.

Step 6: Restart the game and see if it will correct ARK Survival Evolved, which is unable to request server information for invitation errors.

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