ExifTool: Reading, writing, editing meta-information

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I was looking for a good EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) tool to see the complete meta-information for jpeg images after a long search, I found this nice little application ExifTool a bead-based command line application that gives us tons of information about meta that many tools don’t have.

ExifTool is a platform independent Perl library and command line application for reading, writing and editing meta-information in a variety of files. It is very easy to use: just drag the file to the exiftool(-k).exe file, which opens at the command prompt with all the meta information. Or you can rename the exe to pl and use it as a command line application.

Read, write, edit meta-information

Here is a little detail on how to use the application for the developer’s website :

The Perl application (exiftool) is executed by entering perl exiftool. Alternatively, you can rename it to exiftool.pl and enter exiftool.pl, but this requires the correct Windows shortcuts for the .pl extension.

The standalone version (exiftool(-k).exe) must be renamed exiftool.exe to work by entering exiftool from the command line.

If the executable file exiftool (exiftool.pl or exiftool. exe) is not PATH in the current directory or in your system, then its directory must be specified on the command line (i.e. by entering c:path_to_to_exiftoolexiftool.pl or c:path_to_to_to_exiftool/code>).

Note that when entering commands in the cmd.exe shell, you should use double quotes instead of single quotes, as some examples show.


Double-click exiftool(-k).exe to read application documentation, or drag files and folders to run exiftool on selected files.

Simple options can be added in parentheses to the standalone executable name (Note however that the characters /?*:|'|'|'|'|'|'|'<' cannot be used because they are invalid in Windows file names). This way, the drag and drop application behavior can be adjusted.

  • Powerful, fast, Flexible and customizable
  • Supports a wide range of file formats
  • EXIF, GPS, IPTC, XMP, JFIF, MakerNotes, GeoTIFF, ICC profiles, IRB Photoshop, FlashPix, AFCP, ID3 and more ;
  • Writes EXIF, GPS, IPTC, XMP, JFIF, MakerNotes, ICC profiles, IRB Photoshop, AFCP and more ;
  • Read and write notes from the manufacturer of many digital cameras
  • Decodes a puzzle wrapped in a puzzle
  • Numerous output formatting options (including delimited tabs, HTML, XML and JSON)
  • Multilingual output (cs, de, de, de, en, en, en, en, en_ca, en_gb, es, fr, oui, ko, nl, pl, ru, sv, tr, zh_cn or zh_tw)
  • Geotag images from GPS tracking log files (with time drift correction ! )
  • Generates tracking logs from geolocated images
  • Moves date/time values to set timestamps in images
  • Renames files and organizes them into directories (by date or other meta-information)
  • Extract thumbnails, Preview images and large JPEG images from RAW files
  • Copies meta-information between files (including files of different formats)
  • Read/write structured XMP information
  • Deletes meta-information individually,
  • Supports alternative language tags in XMP, PNG, ID3, Font, QuickTime, ICC profiles, MIE and MXF Information
  • Processes entire directory trees
  • Creates an output text file for each image file
  • Creates binary format metadata files (MIE) for saving metadata
  • Automatically saves the original image in writing
  • Organizes output in groups
  • Conditionally processes files based on the value of any metadata
  • Possibility, Add custom tags
  • Metadata Working Group (MWG) support
  • Detects thousands of different tags
  • Tested with images of thousands of different camera models
  • Advanced detailed hexadecimal dump output

Download ExifTool

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See Developer Website for more documentation and downloads.

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