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DeleteOnClick is a simple and user-friendly application for Windows. It helps you securely and permanently delete files and folders. Now you can consider whether such an application is really necessary if you can delete a file or folder with Shift+Delete. To understand the mechanism, you must first understand how Windows works when you delete a folder or file.

When we delete a file or folder, it is placed in the Trash. And then we have to go to the trash to permanently delete that file. In reality, Windows does not permanently delete the file or folder. Instead, the space occupied by that file or folder is made available for new files or folders. Therefore, even if the data has been deleted from the trash, it is still retrievable. If you write new data or save changes to the existing file, this space is used and the previous data is permanently deleted.

Delete files and folders

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DeleteOnClick also offers a free version. The main role of this type of application when deleting a file or folder is that the data is completely deleted from the system. Sometimes that’s what we want; to erase the data so it can’t be recovered. And that’s exactly what the DeleteOnClick application does.

DeleteOnClick is a file and folder deletion program that allows you to delete files safely. DeleteOnClick uses the American DOD 5220.22-M standard for secure file deletion.

The use of this application is simple. Simply download it from its official link and start the installation. To complete the installation process, you must restart your computer. Simply right-click this file or folder and select ‘Secure Delete‘. The paid version of DeleteOnClick has other options to remove free space, which removes free space actually used by normally deleted data. When you click Remove Securley, a warning message appears asking if you really want to delete that particular file or folder.

DeleteOnClick Free version

DeleteOnClick offers many advantages :

  • Files deleted with DeleteOnClick cannot be restored, so it is a secure deletion.
  • Easy operation, right mouse click.
  • A warning message appears in which you really want to delete the selected file or folder if you change your mind. This is especially necessary because once deleted files cannot be recovered ; never !
  • The delete operation is displayed, which is useful when deleting larger files.

However, you must also take into account the following disadvantages when using DeleteOnClick:

  • To install the application, you must restart your computer. The application will not be fully installed without a restart.
  • The free version has limited functions. To get all the functions, you must buy the paid version.
  • A restart is necessary if you want to uninstall DeleteOnClick.
  • The application does not allow you to change settings (Actually, it is also an advantage, as it continues to display the warning message and does everyday things to avoid the risk that something is accidentally deleted.

DeleteOnClick is one of the simplest deletion tools. Try the free version and let us know what you think. Download it here. On the right side, you see a link to download the less powerful freeware version of DeleteOnClick.

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