Can you open multiple instances of Windows Store applications in Windows 10?

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The answer is both yes and no. It actually depends on how the application is encoded. There are applications that can be opened in any number of windows. Then there are applications that do not open another instance, no matter how hard you try. One of these modern Windows 10 applications is Microsoft Edge. I tried to open the second instance of the application, but it doesn’t open. It only flashes the current window when I try to open another instance of Edge. But when you access Internet Explorer, it’s easy to open the second, third and other windows. The same applies to some modern applications such as calculators, etc. Learn how to open multiple Windows Store application instances in Windows 10.

Can you open multiple instances of Windows Store applications?

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Why some Store applications cannot open second instances in Windows 10

In some cases, this is a coding error. Application developers who do not open a second instance have forgotten to implement the code or do not want other instances to run.

In some applications – traditional (like Photoshop) and modern (like 3D Builder) – the ability to open another instance is deliberately stopped because it can confuse what you create.

On the other hand, it is desirable that applications such as Mail have multiple instances, but developers either forgot or thought it was not necessary to give users the ability to open multiple instances. When you try to open a new instance of the mail application under Windows 10, the entire application reloads. I guess it’s programmed that way. However, if you use Microsoft Outlook, you can of course open the program in a new window – like a new instance. Then you can have the People view in one window and the Inbox view in the other window.

In short, it depends on developers to give you the ability to open more than one instance of applications in Windows 10. You must use the Windows 10 API to enable multiple instances of modern applications. According to some sources, Microsoft is working on its modern applications in order to be able to open several instances to facilitate their use. For third-party applications, the company has published a set of guidelines to help developers use the Windows 10 API to deploy multiple instances of the same applications (link at the end of the article).

Use CTRL+N (File > New menu) to open new instances

This trick works for traditional desktop applications like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.). When the window is open, press CTRL+N. Or, press ALT or F10 to display the menu bar and select NEW from the File menu. This creates a new window with a new instance of the browsers that are there. The same applies to applications such as MS Word, Excel, etc. When you create a new file, it is always displayed in a new window.

The trick may or may not work on universal or modern applications. For the machine, for example, I tried pressing CTRL+N, but no new instances were opened. However, there are other methods to check if an application opens another instance.

Another way to open modern applications like the computer and traditional applications like File Explorer is to use the icons in the taskbar. There are two methods.


Position the cursor on the application icon whose second instance you want to open. Press SHIFT and click the icon. You receive a new instance of the application. Currently, I could find the only calculator among modern applications and a third party called Hindi News that can open multiple instances with this method. You can open as many instances of calculator-type applications by simply clicking on the icon in the taskbar while holding down the button. at the bottom of SHIFT.

Right-click to open multiple application instances in Windows 10

You can also right-click the application icon in the taskbar and select the application name. For example, if you try to open a new instance of the computer, right-click the computer icon and click Calculator in the context menu. You can open multiple instances of the File Explorer in the same way. If you right-click on the program icon already open in the taskbar, its name is displayed in the context menu. Clicking on the name opens another instance if the application supports multiple instances.

The above explains how to open multiple application instances in Windows 10. Please note that most (modern) metro applications do not yet support multiple instances for the following reasons:

  1. Developers don’t know the Windows 10 API
  2. Developers don’t want users to open multiple instances for any reason
  3. Developers forgot to add the API function

Rest assured that most modern applications will be able to open multiple instances in the future as sources have confirmed that Microsoft is working on the problem. This will also depend on individual developers and applications. If opening multiple instances can spoil the output, developers should not implement the function.

Read Microsoft’s blog to see what it recommends to third parties who want to allow multiple application instances in Windows 10.

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