Windows apps blocked by parental control in Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10 Technical Preview and you observed that Windows Store apps or universal apps are being blocked by the parental control in Windows 10, then this tutorial helps you to get out from that. Many of the users complained regarding this issue in several forums and here is the solution for that.

Apps blocked by parental control

You might have observed that the modern apps just do not run sometimes or your Start menu doesn’t work. This is due to the app activation which is being blocked by the parental control. If you open the checking event viewer, then you can see this in the logs. This will happen either on the administrative account or other standard user account too.

To resolve this,

  • Press Win+X keys to launch Power user menu and from the option select¬†Command Prompt(Admin).
  • This will open elevated command prompt and here type the below command and press enter.
    ren %windir%System32AppLockerPlugin*.* *.bak


After the command is executed successfully, restart your Windows 10 computer and this issue should have been resolved. Now either the Windows apps or modern apps will not be blocked by the parental control in Windows 10. Hope this works for you.


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