Windows 10 – What Microsoft has in store?

It was back in 2014 when the first preview of Windows 10 landed. Though it did not give a lot of features of the actual Windows 10, but it was pretty much enough to give a hope of a better operating system to the users who had given up on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 for various reasons.

Well, it’s finally the second half of 2015 and Windows 10 is rolling out to the public. After a weeks’ use, I felt like writing about what I feel using the OS as I have been a Windows user throughout my life and I have used 7 versions of Microsoft Windows.

For the users coming to Windows 10 from Windows 8, they might search for the dedicated metro UI page as the live tiles have been integrated in Start Menu. Yes, you got it right, Start menu is back, so users coming to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and older versions will find a lot of familiar things. Apart from that, the first impression will also include the integration of cortana which is a search box at the right of start button in taskbar.

The moment I was on Windows 10, I was looking at a clean UI on the desktop screen with great improvements in terms of speed. I am using Windows 10 on a machine with 8GB RAM and 2.5 GB of dedicated Graphics card, however, there were times when I faced lags on Windows 8.1, but Windows 10 was flawless right from the first usage and that continues even now when I am into it for over a week.Windows 10 desktop

It took me a little while to get through the features and that is one of the reasons I am writing this post after a week of getting Windows 10. Below in this post, I have provided detailed information about the feature of Windows 10 along with what my views are about them.

1. Look feels new and familiar at the same time

Windows 10 start menu

The first thing anyone notices after booting is the way OS looks. There was a big revolution in terms of Windows Graphics when we had Windows 8 for the first time. The metro UI had been used in Windows OS for the first time and that made a lot of difference.

Talking about Windows 10, the first impression gives a strange feel. The Start Menu (First time after Windows 7) has been integrated with live tiles of Windows 8 to make it even better in a single layout. The taskbar looks organized with cortana search bar at the right of start button, newly designed icons of default Windows programs etc.

2. Microsoft finally has a fast & reliable browser

Microsoft Edge

The legendary Internet explorer was the center of majority of jokes around Windows for a lot of reasons. It was slow, outdated and performed nowhere compared to browsers like Chrome, Firefox which were getting new updates every single day. However, when the second preview of Windows 10 was launched, there were rumors about Microsoft dropping Internet explorer to launch a browser code named as Project Spartan. When the browser debuted on the Windows (still in preview version), there were sense of realization that Microsoft has finally taken the word of mouth seriously to provide a better browser.

It was only recently when Microsoft finally announced a name for the latest browser. Edge seems to have taken a lot of developers’ sweat. It is fast, reliable and loads within seconds. Running a variety of tests did place Edge right at par with browsers like Chrome and Firefox. However, power users like me might not want to switch immediately for obvious reasons, but for the people using internet for normal tasks, switching to Edge will not be a bad move.

It is still a little while before we get to know what actual and normal users feel about the browser, but one thing is sure, the jokes around Microsofts’ browser are over with Internet Explorer.

3. Action Center

In the fast growing smartphone world, the word notifications matters a lot. Mobile operating systems work a lot on the same and coming to desktop operating systems, OSX Yosemite was the first time we saw notification center on a desktop OS. However, Microsoft has come up with an action center to manage all your notifications including mails, app notifications, WiFi, tablet mode, VPN etc.

The action center promises a lot and seamlessly works for all the options available.

4. Clip the screen in multiple parts

Split screen feature Windows 10

The aero snap feature in Windows gives the ability to split the screen and work on multiple programs at once. Just drag the program and drop it in any side to let Microsoft easily adjust the screen for you and display the active programs on the other side to let you choose which is the other program you want to work on.

Apart from the visible features, I did feel a difference in the way Apps are organized and sorted to let you use them flawlessly. The start menu has dedicated options for the app (for example, the arrow mark after google chrome option in start menu lets you directly go to your last visited websites or to pin them). The default photo app has a new makeover and the preview option we got after right clicking on the photos is no more there.

Overall, the whole thing works well in terms of speed and performance. The update has been successful based on the initial reviews. However, it is still very early to say, but Windows 10 is going to be one of the popular Windows OS of all time.

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