Windows 10 Upgrade – Is Microsoft offering everything for free?

Windows 10 is the upcoming Operating System from Microsoft which is currently available in Technical Preview version. It is a sleek and smart Operating System and Microsoft is motivating its users with the free upgrade. Let us examine this, is that everything is going to available for free and what could it mean for you.

Why Windows 10 upgrade is free?

Hypothesis 1: To make users happy

Let us consider this, if users or security is the main concern, then Microsoft would have also offered the free upgrades to Windows XP, Vista or for the Windows pirated versions, provided their system could handle Windows 10 OS. So, Microsoft isn’t kind of do-gooder. Any profit making company will not give away anything for free, unless they expect it to generate some kind of revenue. If they do, then they might lose the confidence of their investors, their market value may drop significantly and loses may incur.

Hypothesis 2: To increase the company’s brand value

Microsoft has witnessed drastic changes since Satya Nadella has took over as CEO from Steve Ballmer. One of the innovative operation is introduction of Windows Insider program, which offers an option for the users to test the Windows 10 Technical Preview and provide their valuable feedback. The most impressive thing is that how Microsoft is showing up as a team. People like Terry Myerson, Joe Belfiore and Gabe Aul have become the face and voice of the company and very approachable.

Microsoft is trying to become more likable as a company by the users and it is good too. But being liked alone doesn’t keep them afloat. They why they are doing this? This may be the more fulfilling way of doing the business and being trusted is the prerequisite for staying in the business.

Hypothesis 3: To increase customer base

Microsoft might also be thinking to generate the indirect revenue with Windows 10 by serving it as a platform to sell its advanced features and services. In this case, there is a chance that more users can become more potential customers and there is a chance to generate greater revenue.

Experts contemplating that Windows 10 itself could be turned into a subscription model. So if you want any additional extensions, software packages and other features they need to purchase them. Newly added features such as Cortana or OneDrive backup service this could also present the attractive products which turns Windows 10 into a sales platform.


What are the consequences

Windows will come in different flavors

Last week, Microsoft has announced the different editions of Windows 10 and they look very familiar. Those are Home, Mobile, Pro Edition, Enterprise and Education editions. This splitting into different types of editions hints that Microsoft will sell the Windows 10 licences separately rather than then internal upgrades for the advanced OS features.

For those who are running Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1, then Windows 10 upgrade is available for free. What the users are gaining here is start of art of the OS with exciting features and what they are losing is the freedom.

Windows update differs between Windows 10 Editions

Windows 10 updates will come in three different ways : Current Branch (CB), Current Branch for Business (CBB) and Long Term Servicing Branch (LTSB). Current Branch will automatically update the devices with zero choice on the user side. Current Branch for Business will let the users to delay or even the reject the updates. LTSB is relevant only for the business users. So Home edition users will be subject to CB, Pro version users can choose between CB and CBB update route.

Amusingly, more expensive Windows 10 versions will let you to disable the features, rather than unlocking them. It looks like Microsoft know about its audience well.

Windows 10 restricts the update freedoms

People those who uses the free upgrade option will be committed to the Current Branch way of receiving the updates and so they are unable to opt out of the new features. You can even choose to receive the updates before everyone else, through the Windows Insider program. If you are unconvinced, then you might come to the conclusion that by forcing the users who opt to free upgrades into the zero choice Windows Update model, Microsoft is increasing its tester base and analysis of the Windows Insiders and you will necessarily receive them, even if you like it or not and even if they raises some issues.

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