Windows 10 Sway app appears in Windows store, but not functional yet

Microsoft receives the negative feedback from sources for supporting competitive platforms before their own. One of the major source of frustration from the Windows and Windows Phone users revolved around the Office mobile apps that landed on iOS way before landing on the Windows Phone and never on the Windows 8. Sway has first debuted to iOS platform, but it is yet to make debut officially to any Microsoft platform as an app, but Sway app is now made available to the Windows 10 users, yes it is now available in the Windows store.


Although Sway is available in the Windows Store, it is not functional yet. Microsoft has promised lot of features in Windows 10 which the users are asking for and also the company also promised better apps for Windows 10. Amusingly, Microsoft itself is the major developer avoiding the Microsoft products. Frequently Microsoft announces a new service that they are working on and after the web, iOS and Android are the first platform that get support before Microsoft platforms.

Windows developers are expecting the speedy and rich support for Windows with the Universal App platform, since they want to strengthen their new app store. Microsoft has introduced new app model with Windows 10 so investing into the Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps was a bit of dead end, but nevertheless early adopters have been burnt over and over.

Download Sway app for Windows 10

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