Windows 10 Mobile ROM for Xiaomi Mi 4 released officially

Putting an end to all the rumors and discussion, Microsoft has finally released the official Windows 10 ROM for Xiaomi Mi 4. The news first broke in April when there was a stretegic partnership between Microsoft and Xiaomi and there were rumors that Xiaomi was working on a Windows Phone. However, a few months later, the news of a Windows 10 ROM for High End Xiaomi devices came out and the annoucement today has been a confirmation for the same.

Windows 10 for Mi4

The Windows 10 ROM bypasses the Android OS on your phone and lets you experience a fully functional, standalone Windows 10 operating system. However, there is a twist. The ROM is available only for the LTE variant of Mi 4, which means, users in India and other countries where Xiaomi shipped the Mi 4W variant of the phone, will not be able to experience Windows 10.

There is no update on the availibility of Windows 10 ROM for the non-LTE variant of Mi 4 and other Xiaomi smartphones, however, it seems to depend on the kind of feedback Microsoft gets from the users using Windows 100 ROM on Mi 4. If the feedback turns out to be good, it seems as the revival of Windows Mobile, specially in the developing markets like China and India.

Below are some links which will help you with the necessary files for Windows 10 ROM, however, before trying, make sure that your version is compatible.

Good Luck trying. 🙂

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