Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi 2 available for download

In the recently concluded Build 2015, developers conference at San Francisco, Microsoft has revealed something about Windows 10 on Embedded devices which includes Raspberry Pi and some other devices. From long back there has been buzz about the plans of Microsoft to provide Windows 10 to Raspberry Pi, but Microsoft hasn’t made it possible until now.

Geeks those who want to power their embedded devices with Windows 10 can do it right now with Windows 10 loT Core Insider Preview. Like Windows 10 technical preview, it is free to download which is released for the developers for testing purposes. We suggest you to not install it on the everyday use hardware.


Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi 2

Microsoft has confirmed that the Windows 10, loT core insider preview is developed solely for only few embedded devices and the list includes Raspberry Pi 2. Many of the Raspberry Pi 2 enthusiasts has requested Microsoft for the Windows 10 and Microsoft is interested in providing Windows support to Raspberry devices and it is cleat that Microsoft is not only interesting in supporting the popular device but also the other devices in the open source community.

How to start

  1. First the user need to create a connect account on Github website. Then the user must go forward and create a Windows 10 insider account. Just visit Windows Insider website and and create an account here.
  2. After this Microsoft will ask every user to take down a survey before being taken to the download page. Here download loT core insider preview version.

Supported devices

Windows 10 loT core insider preview will support on the devices like Raspberry Pi 2, MinnowBoard Max, Arduino and The Galileo.

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