Windows 10 Consumer Preview Leak : Better TaskBar, Cortana & Xbox integration

Most of the Windows fanatics have already seen a glimpse of the upcoming windows version in form of the technical preview release, however, the new leak will keep them more interested in the consumer preview which is set to go live on January 21st.

According to few sources and leaked images, Microsoft has lately been making a lot of changes in the new operating system and the UI. The new pre-release version of Windows 10 will come with a modern taskbar which will include a few animations in the taskbar switcher.

Along with the taskbar, Windows 10 will have an update UI for the control panel, which might just replace the traditional control panel we have been seeing since the launch of Windows 7 in 2009.

Build 9901, the leak, also shows that Microsoft has worked a lot in redesigning the apps with the Windows 10 style which makes it a bit better to experience. The best apps which have been redesigned include Camera, Calculator, Photos, Settings and Windows Store. The start menu has been redesigned further as compared to the one we saw in the initial technical preview release and it looks promising to the eyes.

Xbox integration with Windows 10

Microsoft has added new and improved Xbox app to the Windows 10 and this move is going to be a pretty big one. No one yet knows how the Xbox will be integrated with Windows 10, but inclusion of XBox head as the key speaker on January 21st event has surely excited a lot of people across the globe and everyone is pretty curious to know more about how Xbox and Windows 10 will have something better for the gaming enthusiasts.

Cortana with Windows 10

Another interesting feature to notice in the 9901 build is the voice assistant Cortana which is available on the desktop as well as with a few other apps. Well, Cortana doesn’t seem to be working as of yet, but it is always exciting to see how this voice assistant will work out with the traditional desktop devices once it is launched with full Windows version.

The features seem exciting and they have been making a buzz already, however, for anything official, we will have to wait till the event on January 21st.

Stay Tuned..

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