Windows 10 Build 10158 ISO available for download

Microsoft has announced today the release of the new build for Windows PCs to the Windows Insiders in the Fast ring Build 10158. This build brings the full stability improvements, UI improvements and as well as quality. It also included some new features for Microsoft Edge as well. Let us have a quick look at Build 10158 changelog.

What’s New

Microsoft Edge:

Microsoft Edge branding is now included in the latest build and here are some great features for you to try.

  • Home button for Microsoft Edge has been added in this build and you can add it through Settings > Advanced Settings and turn on Show the home button.
  • Ability to import the favorites and bookmarks from other browsers has been added.
  • New options were added to change what you see when you first start the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • New customizations were available for the new tab page. You can select either to see the top sites and suggested content or just top sites.
  • Auto password and form fill support has been added and you can easily manage your passwords for your favorite websites.
  • Audio will play in the background when Edge is minimized.
  • You can now drag and drop the tabs to the new window.

General UI improvements and refinement:

As usual general UX improvements and refinement is done in this new build. Numerous bug fixes, improved tablet mode animations, improved support for Windows 8/8.1 in tablet mode and lot were introduced for Continuum. When using Start menu you can just swipe up on the left side to open all the apps. In all apps you can just click on the letter to quickly go to the apps on All apps list under that letter.

When any apps need you attention on the taskbar then it will blink in Orange color. When you download something from the internet or move the files around File Explorer, the progress animation in the taskbar has been changed to the green and back to animating horizantally.

Improvements to Cortana:

Cortana has got the dark theme color which now match the rest of the OS. Tracking your flights feature is now enabled in Cortana so when receive any email from the flight or package information from supported providers they will be displayed in the Cortana experience and Cortana will notify you about them. Notifications like going to home, going to work and more. Sending email with the Cortana is also enabled in this build. You need to just say everything at once like to whom you want to send the email, subject of the email and body of the email that’s it.

With this Build you can try Cortana integration with Office 365, if your company is first opted into the first release for Office 365. Cortana is already doing great task of letting you know about your events and it gets even better with Office 365 integration that enhances the Cortana’s ability to help you prepare for the meetings, learn about your colleagues and alert you about your next events and so you don’t be late.

Photos app updated:

Photos app has been updated through the Windows Store beta which includes the general performance and reliability improvements . It also brings in the new capabilities that the Windows Insider is requesting for. Open with button has been added in the photo viewer. When viewing any photo just click on the “…” icon located at the top right corner and select Open with option.

Snipping tool:

For snipping tool fans, you will notice that Microsoft has brought in a new little feature in the Snipping tool. You can add a 5 second delay to capture the pop-up menus.

Insider Hub:

Insider Hub will be no longer pre-installed with this build. You can reinstall the Insider hub using the below steps:

  • Navigate to Settings, System, Apps and Features.
  • Click on Manage optional features then Add a feature.
  • Select the insider hub entry and then click on install.

Preview release of Windows 10 SDK:

Today Microsoft is also releasing the Windows SDK for this latest build. Microsoft is aiming to match each OS flight delivered to the Windows Insiders in the Fast ring. With both SDK and emulator your apps can access the latest Windows capabilities and APIs in the newest builds.

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