What’s new fixed and broken in Windows 10 Build 10130

Microsoft has rolled out Windows 10 Build 10130 to the Fast Ring members yesterday, which comes with the stuff like updated look for icons and few other bug fixes and of course there is some stuff which is broken as well. Let us have a look on the new Build. You can customize your start experience by going to Settings app > Personalization > Start.


What’s New

Start Settings : Here you can turn on the full screen Start when in the desktop. You can customize the locations which are displayed on the bottom left of the Start where the Power and other apps listed. In Build 10122, it displayed File Explorer and Settings but with this Build you can customize the list here. In this build there is a bu, when you upgrade from the previous build, it removes File Explorer and Settings icons from location area of start. To add them back in the Settings app you need to sign out and go back to the see changes that you make to the list.

Icon Design : Icon design has been updated to reflect the Microsoft design language with more consistent and cohesive look across all the Microsoft products. The latest icons are modern, light-weighted and creates better visual relationship between iconography and typography. And also latest app icons are more consistent between desktop and mobile such that Word and Excel looks similar, no matter which device you are using.

User feedback has played a crucial role in the latest icon design and users complained that the icons in the previous build look too flat and lacked richness. Microsoft has tried out several thousand icons before designing the latest icons. Microsoft has also stated that “the icon evolution will continue as we push more consistency and better functionality”.

Continuum improvements : In the tablet mode, you can swipe the top edge to launch the app commands just like on Windows 8.1.

Jump lists on the Taskbar : UI has been completely revamped for the Jump Lists such that it matches Start and Taskbar UI in Windows 10. Right click on the File Explorer and check the updated Jump list.

Improvements to Edge : Microsoft Edge (Still code named as Project Spartan) has witnessed lot of improvements in this Build which comes with ability to pin/unpin Cortana Pane, Reading List pane, Favorites pane and other pane in the browser. Microsoft has brought in more advanced print options and also made improvements to the address bar badges, reading view to support different content, window sizes and device layouts like Surface Pro 3 in portrait and playing the videos in full screen in websites like Vimeo, Youtube, Hulu and more.

Taskbar settings for Virtual Desktops : Last month Microsoft has introduced two Taskbar configurations for Virtual Desktop users and asked Windows Insiders to vote for their favorite. On one side there is a global taskbar which shows the Windows opened across all the desktop and on the other side there is a filtered desktop which shows the windows opened on the current desktop. If you want to  make changes to the global taskbar, then you can do it by going to Settings app > Multitasking > Virtual Desktops.

Cortana keyboard shortcut : Keyboard shortcut to launch Cortana is introduced. Just press Win+C keys to launch the Cortana.

Microsoft’s Print to PDF : Microsoft Print to PDF feature is introduced. To try this just select Print from the app and select Microsoft Print to PDF as printer. If you want to remove Print as PDF option, then go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers > Right click on “Print as PDF” and select Remove Device option.

Playback improvements with Movies and TV app : Play videos in Movies and TV app in the full screen mode in this build.

These are the new feature that are added with the new build and of course there are some known issue that are hanging round as well.

  • In-built Mail app may crash frequently due to the memory error, and may not sync mail when in the background. Microsoft is working on this issue and may fix this with an update through Windows Update.
  • In some cases, flyouts from Taskbar such as Start, Cortana, Network, Battery and Action Center fail to work. Microsoft said that this is a transient issue and after retrying for few times it will succeed. Company is also working to fix this issue.
  • Some times WiFi connectivity mail fail and system reboot is required to fix this issue.

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