How to use Miracast Wireless display in Windows 8.1

Microsoft has added an amazing feature Miracast Wireless Display which is also known as Screen Mirroring, with Windows 8.1 Operating System. This feature allow you to project your computer screen to a wireless device like projector or a TV set or a streaming media player. Here I am going to explain how to use this feature in Windows 8.1 and higher versions so that you can share your desktop screen with other devices.

For this Miracast Wireless display to function both the source and receiver must have the Miracast support. Almost all the devices which are running on Windows 8.1 are having Miracast support and if your projector or TV features the screen mirroring option, then it is also having Miracast support.

How to use Miracast Wireless display in Windows 8.1

Step 1: Prepare receiver device

First step is to enable the receiver device into the screen mirroring mode. If you are looking to project your computer display on your TV, then choose the Screen Mirroring option in the input or source mode. Now your device start searching for the new source.

Step 2: Project your PC display

  • On your Windows 8.1 PC, open the charms bar by moving your mouse cursor to either top-right corner or bottom right corner of the screen. You can even launch charms bar by pressing WIN+C keys together.
  • Now click on the Devices in the charms bar and then click on Project option.
  • If your computer supports Miracast feature, then you will find Add a wireless display option on the project screen and click on it.
  • This will start searching receiver devices and you will find any TV or projector in search results. Click on the receiver device which you would like to cast your screen and Windows will start installing the required drivers for that specific device.
  • In few seconds the TV or projector you selected will start displaying your PC screen.

Step 3: Disconnect

When you like to disconnect screen mirroring, exit from the screen mirroring mode on TV or projector you selected or select disconnect from Charms bar > devices.

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