How to use Android’s pattern lock in Windows 8

Android pattern security lock is the most sophisticated security lock where you need to join different dots on the screen to form a correct pattern and unlock the screen. It is not exaggeration that somebody prefer Android phone for pattern lock. If you are using Windows 8 device and you want to use Android pattern lock, then it can be done with the third party app called as Eusing Maze Lock.

This app is very useful on the touch-based devices running on Windows 8. It locks your Windows 8 device screen with the Android pattern lock and to unlock the screen you need to join the dots on the screen to form a pre-defined pattern to unlock the screen.

How to use Android’s pattern lock in Windows 8

  • First download Eusing Maze Lock and when you run it for the first time it will ask you to reset the default pattern lock and click on OK.
  • This will take you to the configuration window and there click on Reset Pattern tab and join the dots to create the pattern of your choice. You can choose either 3*3 grid or 4*4 or 5*5 for better security.
  • After creating the pattern, Eusing Maze Lock app will sit in the system tray and wait for the further actions. Right click on the system tray icon to trigger the lock screen or press WIN+A to trigger it.
  • This app has lot of configuration options and to access them click on General tab. These configuration options allow you to customize your lock pattern and design however you want.

Remember that, this Eusing Maze lock doesn’t override the official security mechanism on your Windows, it can be used as an additional security layer for your Windows device. First you need to unlock your Windows phone with the regular lock and then unlock using the pattern.

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