How to tweak taskbar thumbnails in Windows 8

If you often use the taskbar thumbnails on Windows 8 then you will be bored with the way how they look. If you want to change their size, margins and others then here is how to tweak them. Windows doesn’t comes with an in-built utility to tweak the taskbar thumbnails, but there is an third party called Taskbar Thumbnails Tuner which let you to change the taskbar thumbnails in Windows 8.

How to tweak taskbar thumbnails in Windows 8

  • Download Taskbar Thumbnails Tuner and after downloading unzip the folder and run exe file inside the folder. As this a portable application, you can move it to the removable drive and open it on any computer.
  • This will open Taskbar Thumbnails Tuner window which contains two tabs General and Margins.
  • Under General tab, you can modify the taskbar thumbnail images as you want. For example, if you wan to change the size of the thumbnail images, you can make them as large as 500px.
  • Every feature in the general tab is self explanatory, as you can change
    • Change the horizontal and vertical spacing between the thumbnails.
    • Add the shorter or longer delay for displaying the images.
    • Change number of maximum thumbnails to be allowed in group.
    • Change the text position either move it up or down.
    • You can disable the taskbar thumbnails altogether.
  • Under the Margins tab option, you can change the left, right, top and right margins.


After completing the changes, click on the Apply button and you can see the changes. You can hover your mouse over an application on the Windows taskbar to display the thumbnails.

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