Top 5 announcements at Microsoft Build 2015 developer conference

Microsoft Build 2015 developer conference was recently concluded at San Francisco, in which the company has announced lot of its new products and opened many of its products for lot of other platforms. Here let us have a look at 5 most important announcements made by Microsoft at Build 2015 conference.


1. Windows Phone supports Android apps

Android and iOS platforms are having huge repository of apps when compared to Windows Phone. Many of the companies left Windows Phone user in dark without developing their apps for Windows Phone platform. Recently there has been huge discussion about Windows Phone supporting Android and iOS apps. While Android apps cannot be directly translated to be used on Windows Phone platform, Microsoft has released lot of tools which will make it easy for the developers to port the iOS and Android platform apps over to the Windows Universal apps. As the Windows Phone platform is lacking in number of apps, this can be said as the big move from Microsoft.

2. New Browser Microsoft Edge

Number of users using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer were decreasing day by day. Microsoft failed to make Internet Explorer compete with the new generation browsers like Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox etc., which led to decrease in number of users. From few months there has been buzz about the Microsoft’s new browser Project Spartan, but now the company gave it an official name Edge. Edge is the next generation browser which is light weight and comes integrated with Cortana and support browser extensions which most of the current generation browsers supports. Microsoft Edge comes along with Windows 10 Operating System.

3. Use Windows Phone as Windows PC

Windows 10 comes with new feature Continuum which let the users to connect their phone into an HDMI display, connect the mouse and keyboard and then use your Windows Phone as complete PC. Actually, this might be something which can be already done with the Phone, but the real difference comes with universal apps, which got the ability to detect the screen size of the device and change the interface depending on that size.

4. HoloLens

Microsoft has showed off new device called HoloLens at the Build conference which looks very cool. This can be said as the Microsoft’s first attempt to the virtual reality, generally we think that this new device to be a little bit of work in progress, but this look like pretty well developed version. It got the capability to adapt to the user’s environment, plastering the apps on walls and on other flat surfaces, it is also very usable in the educational settings.

5. Visual Studio on OS X and Linux

Windows users are able to develop web applications, Windows apps and other projects using Visual Studio, but Mac OS X and Linux users were not able to use this software on their systems. Microsoft in the Build conference, announced that it will offer Visual Studio for the OS X and Linux platforms, essentially opening it up to the completely new community of the developers.

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