How to sync App licences in Windows 8

Microsoft has rapidly moving towards cloud and it has introduced an ability to access your PC with Windows 8, but you need to have Microsoft account for this. You can force sync the app licences to the cloud and can access them from anywhere. Many users doesn’t realize that they need to sync the app licences for their purchases in addition to everything attached to the Microsoft account. This sync settings should be enabled in Windows 8, otherwise they may cause issues when you log into your account from another PC.

How to sync App licences in Windows 8

  • Launch Windows Store on your PC and open charms bar by moving mouse to right-bottom corner or press Win+C keys to launch charms bar.
  • Click on Settings and from the options click on App updates.
  • Before proceeding make sure that you have an active internet connection to sync properly.
  • Under the App licences sub-header click on Sync licences.
  • If you are using lot of apps it will take few minutes to sync.

Once the syncing is completed you will get a notification and from now whenever you install or uninstall any application, Windows will sync the app licence associated such that you can access it whenever you login on another PC.

After setting up the login account on your Windows 8 computer either during upgrading or installing, you will get more options to sync your settings, apps and more. If you want to tweak these settings, the below is how to.

  • Open Charms bar and go to Settings > Change PC Settings.
  • Go to Sync your settings and make the Sync Settings on this PC to ON.
  • Go through one by one option and select what you want for Windows to sync to Microsoft account.

If you want to login to another PC using your Microsoft account, make sure that you are logged out of the primary computer and make sure that all the saved settings can load properly. When you login to another PC, you can use Windows 8 like how you are using it on your PC.

You can sync everything on Windows 8 from your desktop background to window colors including app passwords and everything. If you don’t use Microsoft account to sync the app licences then you are missing one of the important upgrades that come with Windows 8. You can choose the key aspects which make using Windows 8 feel like home to you.

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