How to switch between Start Menu and Start Screen in Windows 10

When Microsoft launched Windows 8, they thought that they did a remarkable job by introducing the new start screen UI and the dual boot option, however, all these assumptions were proved wrong because one of the main features, which made Windows so popular among the masses, Start Menu was missing.

Well, it took pretty long for Microsoft to realize the reason behind the dull reaction to Windows 8 from their users and they launched Windows 8.1 with the Start button at the same place, however, that was just a start button and not the start menu, so the reaction of the Microsoft fanatics did not change a lot.

However, in the technical preview of Microsoft which came out recently, Microsoft has shown signs that a better designed start menu is back and they are yet again committed to make Windows the platform for the ease of users.

Windows 10 will no longer have that switchable UI and you will have to choose one from the 2 options available. However, by default, the Start Menu UI is activated and it left majority of people thinking if it would be the end of the tart screen on the desktop version of Windows.

Well, I have had people asking if they will be able to access the Start Screen metro UI ever again, so let me tell you, that Microsoft has not discontinued developing the metro UI and it still exists, however, by default the start menu is activated. If you want to see the start screen UI as default, just follow the simple instructions given below.

How to switch between Start Menu and Start Screen in Windows 10

  • Right Click on the task bar and select properties.
  • Navigate to the Start menu tab and disable the Use the Start menu instead of the Start screen option.

Enable start screen on Windows 10

  • The moment you apply those settings, Microsoft will ask for the conformation to make the necessary changes. Click on Sign Out and change settings.


  • It will log you out of the account, simply login again and you will see the start screen on the desktop.

Start Screen on Windows 10

If you ever feel a need again to use the Start menu UI, simply enable the “Use the Start menu instead of the Start screen option.

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