Sway by Microsoft supports media embedding after latest update

Sway, the online presentation service from Microsoft which was launched in December 2014 received the latest update today. The latest update makes Sway eligible to support the online content from a variety of media sources. The release which came from the company stated

“Sway now also lets you easily embed a variety of web content types from other services in your Sway—including videos, images, audio clips, maps, charts and documents. This expands the types of interactive multimedia you can include in Sway to help communicate your ideas”.

Office Sway online presentation

Some of the sources which will now be supported by Sway to import and embed content in the presentations include Excel online, powerpoint online, Vimeo, Vine etc. The update also shows the support for older word documents like .doc and powerpoint presentation in .ppt format. If you have some pdf, doc or ppt file in OneDrive account, then those items can directly be imported and embedded in the Sway presentation.

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