Spartan browser in Windows 10 : Hands on review

Project Spartan¬†is the codename of the Microsoft’s latest web browser which is to be introduced with the Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 Operating System. Spartan Browser is first introduced with the latest build 10049 of Windows Technical Preview and if you want to test it then you need to download Windows 10 technical preview and the latest build 10049.

Download Windows 10 technical preview


Many of the Windows users are confused about Spartan over Internet Explorer, so here we are providing all the possible information. Project Spartan is not the final name of the Windows 10 web browser, it is just a codename and Microsoft may choose a different name for it when the final version of Windows 10 is released.

Spartan offers lot of improvements over Windows default Internet Explorer browser. It is the lightweight and powerful browser with lot of features such as support for plugins, ability to markup a web page, cortana integration and more. Though Internet explorer comes with Windows OS most of the users are using other third party web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc., So Microsoft is working on Spartan to attract more users instead of choosing third party browsers.

Few users has asked that whether Microsoft will continue Internet Explorer as a part of Windows 10 or not? No, Microsoft will never remove Internet Explorer from Windows as it is the main component of Windows 10, but it will ship with both browsers. However, in overtime Internet Explorer will fade away and it is still there to serve the legacy websites. Microsoft designed Spartan as the next generation web browser.

Let us see here the features of Spartan.

Clean and minimal UI

Spartan web browser in Windows 10 will work as the modern metro app. Microsoft designed it with the clean and minimal UI which gives attractive look. Tabs are displayed in the title bar to save the space and address bar along with toolbar buttons such as refresh, back, forward and more. Three dots icon present at top right corner will open the menu options as following.

  • New Windows
  • Zoom Level
  • Find on page
  • Print
  • Share
  • F12 Developer tools
  • Settings

Settings option will show all the available options to customize in the single screen which saves time when changing the settings.

  • Show favorites bar
  • Reading view style
  • Reading view font size
  • Start page settings
  • Change search engine
  • Caret browsing
  • Block cookies
  • Block pop-ups
  • Send do not track requests
  • Show search suggestions
  • Predict next page for flip ahead feature
  • Cortana
  • SmartScreen filter
  • Adobe flash player add-on support

Other features

  • New rendering engine that supports the modern web
  • Cortana integration offers searching the relevant information in the web pages.
  • Digital ink support which allow you to type or write directly on the web pages to create the notes and share it with your friends.
  • Offers distraction free reading, as it will display only the text and images of the article by avoiding extra things.
  • Reading lists feature allow users to add the web pages for future reading.
  • Extensions and add-ons supports similar to Chrome and Firefox.


When we tested Spartan’s performance isn’t impressive yet. When compared with Internet Explorer it took double time to open. IE opened in 0.8 seconds whereas Spartan took 1.5 seconds to open. But Spartan is the next generation and it can overcome all the difficulties you face with Internet Explorer as earlier versions of IE is not compatible with many web standards. Spartan is not the fastest browser at present, but its memory use is very impressive. When single tab in Google Chrome consumed 72 MB and IE consumed 83 MB whereas Spartan consumed just 16 MB which is far better.

It is just the trial version and still Windows 10 is under development, Microsoft will keep on adding features and functionalities to the Windows 10 as well as Spartan. Spartan looks promising with its next generation design and features. Stay tuned for the latest updates about Windows 10 and Spartan.

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