How to sideload apps on Windows 10

Ever since the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft has been trying hard to get users to try the apps downloaded from the Microsoft store. Microsoft has handpicked millions of apps which could be useful to the Windows users, the apps cater to almost all the needs of users.

However, there are a lot of times, when the user needs to download an app from a source other than Microsoft store and it requires special permissions before being installed. The reason behind that is lack of certification which Microsoft provides to the apps before they could be used on a Windows Machine. To assure the safety and user experience of the users, Microsoft validates the apps before they are publicly available in the market.

However, there’s an option inside Windows to enable installation of such apps. The term used by Windows for the process is Sideload apps. Just like the third party apk on Android, third party installers can be used on Windows, however, only after enabling the sideload apps option. Below in the article, I have shared the steps which will allow you to enable sideload apps on your Windows 10 PC.

Enable Sideload Apps on Windows 10

  1. First of all, open Settings and Navigate to Update & Security.
  2. Under Update & Security, find For Developers and click on the same.
  3. On the Screen, under User Developer Features, select Sideload Apps.sideload apps windows 10
  4. Now click on Yes on the next window that appears. The Window basically asks you to confirm whether you understand the security risks involved in installing app from untrusted sources.
  5. Once that happens, restart your computer to let the changes take place.

That’s it. The simple procedure, helps you to enable sideload apps option on your Windows 10 PC. Try it out and let us know in the comment section if you have any issues doing it or any other issue related to your Windows PC. We will be happy to solve the same for you.

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