How to shift between Start menu and Start screen in Windows 10

Microsoft has added the most requested Start Menu back in Windows 10, which is missed by most of the users in Windows 8. Most of the people are confused about whether the Start Screen is replaced with Start Menu in Windows 10. Start Screen was not replaced, but by default Start Menu is enabled in Windows 10.

If you are get used to old start screen and want it back, then simply enable it using the option provided in the taskbar and Start Menu options. Unfortunately, you can either have a Start Menu or a Start Screen at a time, you can’t have both of them together. Let us see here how to switch the between the start screen and start menu.

How to shift between Start menu and Start screen in Windows 10

  • First right click on the Taskbar on the home screen and select Properties.
  • In the following window click on Start Menu tab and uncheck Use the start menu instead of start screen.
  • Once the settings are applied, Windows will ask you to confirm to sign out/log off for the changes to take place.
  • Click on the Sign out and change settings option and this will end the current session.
  • Login again and now you will find Start Screen instead of Start Menu.

If you want to enable Start Menu again in future, enable the Use the start menu instead of Start Screen. That’s it, this is how to switch between the Start screen and Start menu in Windows 10.

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