How to play old DOS games in Windows

Do you remember of playing the old DOS games like Dave, Doom, Pacman and more in your school. There are few more amazing games of the yester generation Operating System MS-DOS, but these classic games are not part of this generation Operating System Windows 7 and Windows 8. So here I am bringing a tutorial for you which help you to play old DOS games on your Windows computer.

This process is same for both Windows 7 and Windows 8 and we consider that you have already DOS games installed on your computer and if not then you can get them from internet.

How to play old DOS games in Windows

Install DOS Emulator

To play old DOS games on your Windows PC, it needs a virtual environment where DOS games can run without any issues. DosBox is the best DOS emulator which also supports other Operating Systems such as Mac, Fedora, Debian, Linux and more.

Download DOSBox emulator from here and after downloading open it as a executable file, like any other Windows application.

How to play DOS games

After installing DOSBox application, it emulates itself as a DOS environment and you can see a command line user interface.

  • On the DOS screen you need to mount a virtual C drive, which is just a folder which contains all your DOS games.
  • Place the following command an press Enter key to mount a folder as C drive on DOSBox.
    mount c PATH
  • You need to substitute the PATH with the original path of the folder in the above command. After submitting the original path the command will look as follows.
    mount c D:dosGames


  • After mounting virtual C drive, you need to change directory to mounted virtual C drive using the below command.


  • If you have lot of games in separate folders, then navigate to the game folder which you desire to play
    cd /pacman/
  • After entering the game folder you need to execute it to play the game. Use the following command to execute the game.
    run Executable

Substitute Executable in the above command with the actual executable file. For example, Pacman.exe. Sometimes you want to execute some batch files, in such cases enter batch file name along with extension and hit enter. Now you can play the DOS game you selected.

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