Pandora Desktop App for Windows 10 now available

Weeks after revamping the Mobile version of the app, Pandora has made its way to App store with a desktop app compatible with Windows 10 on your PC and Surface.

Pandora Desktop app

Pandora App can now be downloaded from app store and it seems compatible with Surface, PC as well as Windows 10 Phone. There are not many changes as compared to the mobile app, however, the app now adapts to the PC screen adding the lockscreen support, which I think is pretty cool.

However, there is an issue with the app, but we hope that the issue will be fixed soon. While playing some audio, the audio stops when the screen is minimized (The issue was there in the initial version of Groove music as well, but got sorted out later on).

Below is the link which will help you to download and use Pandora App.

Download Pandora for Windows 10 and Mobile

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