Outlook.com update adds Clutter inbox management feature


Few days back it has been in news that, Microsoft is migrating Outlook.com to Office 365. The company has released the Preview version starting today. The Preview version includes the new features such as improved search, quicker collaboration and inbox management feature called as Clutter. It is the latest development in the ongoing battle between the Microsoft Outlook and Google’s Gmail which was previously implemented some features similar to those previewed by the Microsoft yesterday.

Clutter is the very useful feature that comes in latest preview which sorts your emails automatically into separate folders, hiding the message which you are likely to skip and reducing the clutter in your inbox. It is a self learning feature, so you can train it such that it can move the emails automatically. This update makes it easier to compose the messages and the inline images can be copied and pasted from any source, while link previews allow the recipients to check where they will be taken to when they click.

Third party add-ins are also supported, some popular extensions were included such as Uber, PayPal and Boomerang. Some new collaborative features offers the continuous movement between Skype and email and side by side view. When you received an Office document, you can open next to the message and edit without opening another application. When you are completed, reply to the message and the document is saved, so you don’t need to download or reattach anything.

Built-in calendar is improved and also the country and region specific calendars were included such that this will be easy to get synced with the upcoming events around the world. Also sharing and searching through the calendars gets speedier. These new updates are coming to the user those are using Preview, today and the others users can use the public version in coming months.

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