Outlook.com to be powered by Office 365

The usage of the cloud is increasing, Office 365 is the future of the Microsoft on the web. Microsoft is in plans to move Outlook.com to Office 365 and here is the reason why Microsoft is planning that. This is just the back end change not the name change, so visiting Outlook.com in future can give access to the email and messaging platform. It means that Outlook.com after migrating, will adopt some new features and the UI experiences from the Outlook 365 make everything simple and easy and less confusing to the users. Though this is a good idea and we expect that some of the best UI features of Outlook.com will be replaced after migration.


Rob Lefferts, General Manager of Office apps said,

I expect there will be some visual enhancements. We debated a couple of ways we could have gone about it, but given other goals we have for Exchange, Outlook and Outlook.com it looked like the most straightforward way to do it.

From few months, Microsoft hasn’t brought any meaningful update to Outlook.com, but with this migration to Outlook 365 things will change in a large way. In the latest update, Microsoft has removed Facebook and Google support from the chat sessions, but many users are not happy with this move.

Microsoft should focus on pushing its own products to forefront instead of having the similar competing services on the same page. The company should give users a reason to use Skype on web, such that they will find a reason to need to Facebook or Google chat. This Outlook.com migration is expected to happen at the end of this year.

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