How to organize folders and apps in Multiple Tabs in Windows

If you are using lot of applications simultaneously on your Windows PC, you have to constantly switch between different Windows, which you may feel quite annoying. It could be a great thing if we arrange the apps that are running and folders which are open in tabs just like we open different websites in multiple tabs in your browser.

This can be done by using QTtabbar which allow you to import the tabbed features on to your Windows Explorer, but its alternative WinTabber is even more useful. WinTabber is the free application which allow you to organize the open folders and running applications in the tabs. All the folders that are opened can be grouped together which help you to keep your desktop clean and breezy. Another advantage of using Tabber applications is you will get a lot of space in the taskbar and app that are currently running do not get clustered.

Here is how your desktop looks when you are using WinTabber, all the open folders and applications are well-organized and desktop is looking clean. When you want to switch to another folder or application it is very as you need to open in another window, you can just open in another tab. Let us see here how to organize folders and apps in multiple tabs using WinTabber app.

How to use WinTabber app

  • Launch the Wintabber app and open a new tab or new window.
  • WinTabber application ask you to dock your desired folders and apps. Choose the apps and folders which you want to group together.
  • The apps you selected will open in the new tab in WinTabber application. It is very simple to rearrange the tabs, like as you do on your browser, just dragging and rearranging.
  • WinTabber has got the ability to run in multiple instances simultaneously, so it will helpful in cases like if you are working in different browsers and all these browsers can be organized together in a new window.
  • It also comes with few handy shortcuts like Ctrl+tab moves to the next tab whereas Shift+tab will take you to the previous tab.
  • You can delete a particular window which you don’t want or you can remove all of them with just a single click on Remove and close all.
  • If you has opened lot of folders and apps in many tabs you can just compress the size of them like in your browser. To do so navigate to View > Tab layout > Compressed.

WinTabber is available in both free and paid version. Paid version costs $5 and it let you open unlimited tabs where as the free version allows only to open maximum of 4 tabs.

Download WinTabber 

There are few other same kind of apps available like Windows Tabs and Xplorer2.

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