Opera for Windows updated with integrated messaging, dark theme

Opera has announced a massive update in the windows browser. The updated version now supports integrated messaging and a dark theme among other features.

The latest version is codenamed Reborn. It includes a sidebar which has integrated facebook messenger, telegram and WhatsApp. Users can integrate their chats right in the browser and really to their message without having to pick up the phone.

Opera had launched an experimental browser named as Neon which included pretty much the same features now implemented in the browser. The developers claim to have redesigned the entire UI for a fresh experience to the users along with working on making tabs more faster and smooth. Developers claim that the new browser will consume lesser memory and provide a faster experience even to the users who continuously work with large number of tabs.

Along with the above mentioned features. Opera has also worked on the integrated Ad-Blocker, which will allow users to have a seamless experience working. Also, the improved video optimisation will make sure that playing videos does not slow down your GPU.

These features were available in the developer version for a little while, before coming to the standalone version now.

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