OneNote partners with WordPress, Equil and cloudHQ

OneNote is the popular note making app from Microsoft. It has been around since 2003, but from couple of years, we are hearing about it frequently. OneNote is one of the important tool for the businesses, students, journalists and enthusiasts. Last year Microsoft has introuced its API to the developers, such that they can use it to connect to the services on all the platforms. Today Microsoft  has announced few additions to the OneNote by partnering with three services, WordPress, cloudHQ and Equil.

WordPress integration is one of the noteworthy improvement, which makes it easy for the WordPress users to write the new posts in OneNote and post them on their WordPress blog with just one click, thanks to the OneNote plugin. Let us see here the complete details of each service.



Compose new WordPress posts on OneNote app in any device, platform, either online or offline and reuse the content from the existing notes. Easily manage your posts at various stages of drafting in OneNote. When the posts are ready to publish, then pick a page which you want to publish and hit on publish button using this simple plug-in. As Microsoft has discontinued Windows Live service this is the new blogging tool to come from the company.


cloudHQ is a hub for all your cloud storage accounts. It integrates the OneNote application with Salesforce, Sharepoint, Dropbox and other cloud storage services. It also includes the auto sync for your OneNote notebook with a folder for Dropbox, or Salesforce account. Either of these services allow you to view and edit your information in real time, without any additional downloads.


Users using Equil smartpen can now sync the corresponding Equil Note app up with OneNote to send their writings automatically to their Notebooks. Equil’s Smartpen 2 and Luidia’s Smartmarker are the solutions to connect the physical surfaces of notepads and whiteboards like OneNote. By connecting Equil Note app with OneNote, you can keep all your notes at one place, whether you have created it on your Surface 3, writing on your notepad or on your iPad.

If you would like to use these apps, then you can do it by clicking on the below links.

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