Object Theory, new company focused on developing apps for Hololens

Microsoft Hololens is the world’ first untethered, see through holographic computer which enables HD holograms to come to life in your world, seamlessly integrating with your physical locations, spaces and things. Object theory is the new software company that has focused on developing the apps for hololens ecosystem.

This could be the beginning of a new eco-system that develops the mixed-reality apps and games. Micheal Hoffman is the founder of Object Theory and he is the principal Engineering lead from Microsoft Hololens Studio team and Raven Zachery, a successful mobile entrepreneur whose mobile development company is acquired by Walmart. Both of them will help the organizations design, develop and launch mixed reality applications for the Microsoft HoloLens platform.

Object Theory will be business focused enterprise, vertical markets and brand opportunities. Actually gaming and entertainment will be big area of opportunity for Hololens, but Object theory are focusing on business needs of the Hololens technology.

Object Theory are experts in,

  • Entirely new Natural User Interface.
  • Surface reconstruction and object persistence.
  • 3D Spatial HRTF audio.
  • Mesh reduction, culling and optimization.
  • Baked shadows and ambient occlusion.
  • UV mapping.
  • Optimized render shaders.
  • Efficient WiFi connectivity to back-end services.
  • Unity and C#.
  • Windows 10 APIs.

Similar to how Apple has started the modern mobile app development eco-system for iPhone, HoloLens might become the next big thing in the technology space.

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