New Xbox features added to Windows 10

Microsoft is working hard to incorporate the Xbox gaming console into its latest Windows 10 Operating System. The company has released the latest updated for Xbox app which makes the users to feel more in the Xbox environment than before. Here let us know about the new features and improvements that Microsoft has added to Xbox app in Windows 10 Build 10158.


Share game achievements with friends

Similar to what you do in Xbox One, you can now share your achievements with your friends by just pinning them to the activity feed. Xbox app has now also got the ability to share the game clips from GameDVR and the screenshots of your achievements taken in the game.

Launch PC games

Microsoft has now made it possible to start a local PC game from the game hub and you can view details of any game from Windows Store. Users can also search for the people to follow by the game they play and for Xbox One it is possible to begin s stream for the console by selecting Play from console option.

Avatars app renamed

Microsoft has renamed the Avatars app as Xbox Avatars. Take a photo option has been added, such that users can snap an image of their Avatar doing  cool pose. But unfortunately, ability to customize your avatar is not built into Xbox app, so the Xbox Avatars app has been created.

Store games appear in app

Games that you have downloaded from Windows Store will now appear in Xbox app and from there they can be launched and played. Users can also add the games to their collection and any game that need to be added manually are likely titles that were not installed through Windows Store.

Create an account

Preview testers can now create a new user account or sign in using the already existing account from Xbox app.

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