Microsoft working on merging Windows and Windows Phone developer accounts

Microsoft has started working on merging the Windows and Windows Phone developer accounts. This development is in interest of preparation of universal Windows store. This move from Microsoft will merge the previously linked universal apps into same entry with multiple packages and let the developers to receive the single payment for both Windows and Windows Phone apps.

Along with the merger, the new dashboard is also introduced which will also offer new analytics and features, like setting the publication date of your app, price of your app, description of the app and more.

Features of new Dev center dashboard

  • Submit Windows and Windows Phone apps through a single submission flow.
  • View and manage your previously linked apps as a single app with multiple packages.
  • Get paid through the single combined payment system from both your Windows and Windows Phone apps.
  • You can set a future publish date for your app.
  • Promote your ad either through paid or free ads.
  • Publish your app on to 242 markets.
  • View new analytic reports of the export data which is not available before.
  • Publish In App Purchases independent of your app and publish more IAP items.

Remember that, you cannot submit the Windows 10 packages for your Windows apps yet and this feature will be enabled with the release of new Windows 10 developer tools. For now, this update is available only to few developers and the complete roll-out process will take few weeks. Despite the release of the Windows 10 in three more weeks, developers cannot upload Windows 10 SDK apps.

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