Microsoft Windows 10 Preview now comes in Home, Pro, Enterprise and Mobile versions

Recently Microsoft has revealed that Windows 10 Preview would be available in seven different versions from now. Windows 10 not only designed for PCs, but also for Xbox One console and on smartphones and tablets by Microsoft. But this doesn’t mean that single version doesn’t support all, there are seven different versions which would support on different devices.


Tony Prophet, Vice President of Windows and Search Marketing, mentioned in a blog post that every version would support various needs of the users and different devices. Specific needs of the different clients would be addressed from consumers, small and large enterprises. Here is the list of different Windows 10 versions.

  1. Windows 10 Home is specifically designed for the tablets, laptop hybrid devices and computers for home use. This version includes the Continuum tablet mode, biometric security features of Windows Hello. Microsoft’s personal assistant Cortana and Microsoft’s latest browser Edge, Video, music, calendar, mail, maps and photos comes pre-installed on Windows 10.
  2. Windows 10 Pro comes with the similar features to that of Windows 10 Home and extra features were offered for small businesses. This also includes the Windows update for the Business through which the businesses can determine whenever the software updates are applicable. This is mainly designed by keeping tablets, computers as well as 2-in-1’s in mind.
  3. Windows 10 Mobile is designed exclusively for small tablets and smartphones and it has the Office’s latest version, Continuum for the smartphones as well as universal apps which are found in Windows 10 Home.
  4. Windows 10 Enterprise is mainly aimed at large and medium size enterprises.
  5. Windows 10 Education is specifically designed mainly for students, teachers, university staff and administrators.
  6. Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise is aimed at for the users who are using Windows for business on small tablets and smartphones.
  7. Windows 10 loT core is particularly designed for the devices which have footprints such as gateways.

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