Microsoft updates Windows 10 Mobile camera, Voice recorder and Calculator apps

Windows Insiders are eagerly waiting for the new Windows 10 build this week, but Microsoft’s latest independent app strategy pushed the refinements to the already existing apps. Apps like Camera, Voice recorder and Calculator received an independent app updates for Windows 10 mobile without need of OS update. You can updates these apps from the Windows Store beta app.

Microsoft has not released the official changelog, but the we have spotted few changes in the latest apps. Camera app  has now got the ability to select where to save the videos and photos from the app setting user interface. However, it is not fully functional yet but we can imagine it will simply link to the refurbished Windows 10 strong sense app when its final version is available.

Apart from this, there were no any other significant changes in these three apps, but few bug fixes were addressed along with some  performance and stability improvements.

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