Microsoft to unify payouts for Windows and Windows Phone apps developers

With the launch of Windows 10 in 2015, Microsoft will bring with it a storefront which supports downloading apps for both the Windows PCs and smartphones. Today Microsoft has announced that, it continued to move towards the unified Windows Store with the announcements of new payout setups for the app developers who develops both Windows and Windows Phone apps.


Microsoft has announced the following changes will be debuted in June for Windows Dev Center users who develops apps for Windows and Windows Phone platforms.

  • The 4 tiles were introduced which will have more details about your payouts.
  • Payout summary will add more functionality.
  • Payout threshold will be reduced to $25 for most payouts based on combined proceeds from Windows and Windows Phone.
  • You can expect a single and combined payout for Windows and Windows Phone apps.

As part of the transition to the latest unified Windows Dev center, developers Windows Store bank information will be used to pay you from June. Threshold payout limit for the app revenues is a big change, as the current payout limits are $200 for Windows Store and $200 for Windows Phone store. New payout limit is reduced to $25 and it will be made through SEPA(Single Euro Payments Area), ACH (bank direct deposit) and PayPal. Wire transfer payouts will remain at $200 level.

Microsoft also states that the app developers who have two payment methods, one for Windows Phone store apps and other for Windows Store apps and should make sure that their Windows store Payout account is up to date before 1st June. Also note that you cannot update your Windows Store bank account to the PayPal at this time. Once your account has been migrated to new Dev center, PayPal will be made available again.

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