Microsoft to stop support for Windows Server 2003

With the entry of the new Operating System, Microsoft is withdrawing support for older Operating Systems. In this process Microsoft is going to end support for Windows Server 2003 Operating System on July 14, 2015. From July 14, Windows Server 2003 OS will not receive any updates, security patches that protects from the spyware, harmful viruses and other malware. Businesses who are using Windows Server 2003  need to upgrade to the latest Operating System.

Mike Lomonaco, director of Marketing and Communications for Grand Rapids-based Open System Technologies, said that,

All software products have a life cycle. End of the support refers to the data when Microsoft will no longer provide the automatic bug fixes, updates or online technical support. As of July 2014, there were 12 million physical servers worldwide running on Server 2003. It is a 13 year old operating system with two more recent updates(2008 and 2012), so the cost of the continued support from Microsoft is cost-prohibitive.

Remember that, Microsoft is only withdrawing the support, it doesn’t mean that the Operating System will cease functioning. This means those who are using Server 2003, especially businesses with the crucial data will now increase the risk of virus attack or some other serious security threats. This will include loss of integrity, information, confidentiality, availability of data, business assets, system resources.

Users have the option to upgrade to the currently supported operating system or other cloud-based services. There are software vendors and service providers in the marketplace who offer assistance in migrating from Window Server 2003 to the currently supported operating system or Software as a Service or Infrastructure as a service products and services.

Microsoft is planning to release the company’s latest OS, Windows 10 on July 29.

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