Microsoft reveals new features coming to Outlook web version

Today, Microsoft has announced the new updates to the web version of Outlook in Office 365 suite. Microsoft also stated that the browser based Outlook experience will now be referred as the Outlook on the web from now on. As a part of Microsoft’s attempt to deliver the enhanced email and calendar experiences on the web, the company is rolling out an improved user interface and new features that helps you to be more efficient, just stay on top of your inbox and better manage your calendar.


This new updates will bring the complete new look that focuses on help you to work more efficiently. Along with new UI changes, the company is also adding new tools to Outlook on web like pin, which let you to pin in any email and many more.

  • Pin: You can now pin any mail in your inbox and highlight it in yellow and keep at the top of your inbox. This let you to keep the important messages handy.
  • Sweep: This offers a simple set of actions to manage your emails from specific senders and recurring messages like newsletters, digital coupons and other emails you get frequently.
  • Archive: Just click on the archive will let you to quickly move the messages out of inbox to the folder of your choice.
  • Undo: Undo button is included such that you can quickly undo the unintended actions with just a single click.
  • Enhanced single line view: If you would like to have the single line message view over traditional reading pane, Outlook on web now includes a preview of message contents in-line with subject.
  • Immersive reading pane: In the single line view, clicking on the message will display the message in same window.

Microsoft, has also added better image formatting options, which let you to easily resize the images, add custom borders, applying shadow effects, rotate images and more.

Microsoft has stated that,

Planning your schedule can be tough—so we’ve made improvements to Calendar to help you manage both your work and personal life. One of these improvements is a five-day weather forecast included right in your calendar. Icons next to each day give you a quick look at the forecast; simply click one to see a more detailed view. Never be without your umbrella again!

In addition to the traditional color-coding approach, Calendar now supports charms—icons you can apply to Calendar items as visual cues that help you quickly identify specific types of events. Add an airplane charm to an upcoming flight, a knife and fork for a business dinner, or a music note for a piano class. There are a number of charms to choose from, and once added, each charm appears in the lower right corner of the calendar event.

In addition to weather and charms, additional features in the Calendar experience include:

  • Email reminders—You can create email reminders for any Calendar event. You can specify the recipient list, include a quick message, and set the day and time you want the email reminder to be sent. This is a great feature to keep everyone updated on important items.
  • Birthday and Holiday calendars—We created Birthday and Holiday calendars to help you easily manage your work and personal life. These calendars can be overlaid across your work calendar or viewed separately.

Microsoft is also making improvements to the mobile experience for Outlook web version. Below are the new features and improvements that Microsoft has introduced to the mobile users.

  • New update that closely resembles the UI look of Outlook apps on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS platforms.
  • Enhanced navigation for switching between Mail, Calendar and People apps.
  • More outstanding search command.
  • Capability to switch between emails without coming back to the message list.
  • Time strip is updated to display the complete week within the calendar.
  • Improved user interface for creating the new events, using scheduling assistant in Calendar.

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