Microsoft Research brings Lockbox in the cloud, new approach to online security


Microsoft has understood the importance of online security and in the process they introduced Lockbox in the cloud. This latest technology is called as Verifiable confidential cloud computing and it adds an extra security encryption layer to the cloud, even when it is being accessed to make calculations. Cloud data is stored in the virtual lockbox and this can be accessed only with the hardware that is managed by Verifiable Confidential Cloud Computing which is also known as VC3. 


Generally, we store all our sensitive information in cloud and so it is very important to ensure the online security. Microsoft has recently announced this latest cloud security technology VC3, last week at the IEEE seminar conducted on Security and Privacy which is held in San Francisco.

Microsoft Research Team has said that,

The new Research Project, released Monday at the IEEE symposium on Security and Privacy, adds an extra layer of security for companies that are charged with safeguarding very sensitive information, such as financial data or personal records, and also regularly need to use that data to make calculations or conduct other transactions.

All your data will be loaded into the secure hardware in the cloud to make the calculations and after completing the calculations and transactions, data is re-encrypted and moved back across the wire to secure the hardware where your data is stored. So, no one can access your data during or after the calculations are done,  not even to the people who are working with the company running the cloud based service.

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