Microsoft removing Windows Media center in Windows 10

Windows 10 is the upcoming Operating System from Microsoft and already Windows 10 Technical Preview is released to the developers for testing purpose. Windows 10 is expected to come with lot of new features like new browser called as Edge, start menu and more. In the same way Microsoft decided to remove some in-built apps like Windows Media Center which is debuted to Windows in 2002 in Windows XP. This offers support to the computer based TV tuners along with an interface to control the media playback, including DVDs, music with remote control. Windows Media Center is one of the best PVR software available on Windows.


Microsoft removing Windows Media center in Windows 10

Successive version of Windows Media center available in Home Premium, Ultimate, Professional and the Enterprise editions of Windows 7 adds support to the High definition TV, CableCard-based tuners and an Software Development Kit which enables apps from third party sources like Netflix, support for blu-ray discs and more. With the introduction of Windows 8 this software become redundant and users not interested to use this.

One of the company’s executive has revealed that Windows Media Center will not be updated in Windows 10 and if you try to install the most recent build of Windows 10 on a computer that is running Media center, then you will receive few warnings before the setup continues.

Microsoft hasn’t released any updates for media center software in Windows 8 and in Windows 10 it going to remove it completely. Windows media center is widely used software on Windows platform and with this latest development many of the users are going to miss this surely.

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