Microsoft removes Ask toolbar and blocks it as malware

Many of the users must have annoyed with the Ask toolbar which integrates into your browser when you try to install any application. Recently Microsoft has recognized this Ask toolbar as the malware and the Microsoft removes Ask toolbar from the users computers. When any third party program try to change the home page, default search or the new tabs setting, the older version of the Ask toolbar will display the warning message mentioning that there have been changes in the Internet Explorer settings and attempt to navigate you back to the Ask homepage.


Regarding this Microsoft has posted on its blog,

The latest version of this application is not detected by our objective criteria and is not considered unwanted software. Older versions of software can restrict or limit your control over your search provider. It can prevent you from disabling or modifying your search provider.

The most drew applause from the security professionals on this action because the Ask toolbar has been the primary source for performance problems since long time. Make this toolbar to vexing is its ability to astute its way on to the PCs when end users aren’t paying the attention. However, Microsoft hasn’t mentioned clearly why it is blocked toolbar. The list of the criteria for determining what is unwanted software covers unwanted behavior, delivery of the unwanted ads, loss of the user privacy and input from the end users.

The spokeswoman from Ask corporation has said that the Microsoft’s move of banishing the older versions will affect less than one percent of the toolbar’s user base.

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