Microsoft releases July update for Visual Studio code with ES6 support and more

Today, Microsoft has announced the July update for Visual Studio code and it brings in the set of most requested features such as ES6 support and more. Let us have a look at what are the new things added in the new update.

  • Several updates to how we handle the files, including file and folder filtering in explorer and opening the file through the command line at a specific line number and reusing the existing instance when you open the multiple files and ability to control size of the working files list.
  • Editor options were improved and includes the support for removing trailing whitespace, improved search patterns with include/exclude filters.
  • Few significant updates were added such as ES6 support, jsconfig.json, improved reference management, additional workspace settings and more.
  • Git enhancements, multi-line commit message support, including an integrated credential prompt and improved control over auto-fetch.
  • User-defined snippets support and more built-in snippets for the common languages such as Dockerfiles, Python, REST and more.
  • Debugger enhancements including watch expressions, improved Node.js breakpoint and source map support.
  • Proxy support has been added, auto-update has been enabled for Mac and Windows, notable bug fixes and ¬†more.

For more details regarding the update, you can check at Official Microsoft Visual Studio code website.

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