Microsoft released Arrow launcher for Android

As all the hype is surrounded around Windows 10, Microsoft has quietly released a totally unexpected product called as Arrow Launcher for Android platform. It is just the Android launcher and with the release of Windows 10, it went completely unnoticed. And also the another thing that left the product unnoticed is that Microsoft has pushed this through private Google+ group.


Arrow launcher for Android is a decent launcher app that comes with the friendly user interface. Arrow launcher has just 3 main page along with Home page that features all the apps. At the top of the home page on the Arrow launcher app you will find the four of the apps you have used most recently, followed by the collection most frequently used apps.

On the home page, swipe to the left and on the second page you will find the contacts listed under people and here you will find the shortcut to the dialer to make calls. On the 3rd page, there is notes and reminders, which acts as a simple checklist than deletes the list items when checked off. You can also set the local remainders at certain times of the day. However this system doesn’t connect to the Bing or Google.

There are few pre-installed bugs in Arrow launcher. For example, you would notice the row of apps on the bottom of the homepage may be cutoff and the frequent sections on the home and People pages will take few moments to settle down accurately. Arrow launcher doesn’t support widgets. Before downloading the apps on to your Android mobile, consider all the factors mentioned above.

This app is currently available in the private beta version and you need an invitation to download this untested version. For this you need to join the Google+ from here.

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