Microsoft Phone companion app updated for Windows 10, supports more Windows Phones

Microsoft has updated the official phone companion for its latest Operating System Windows 10. The app is designed to sync up the content like photos, videos, music, documents between the Windows 10 PC with smartphones and tablets and the new update supports more Windows Phone devices.


Microsoft Phone companion app is the recent addition to the Windows 10 latest builds and now it can work with all Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices. Microsoft has described the app as,

When you launch the Phone Companion app on your PC, you pick which type of phone you own –Windows phone, Android phone, or iPhone. With a Windows phone, there’s nothing extra needed. But for an Android phone or iPhone you need to follow a few easy steps to get the right apps on your phone to make it work great in conjunction with your Windows 10 PC.

Download the Microsoft’s Phone companion app from here

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