Microsoft patents Private Display to block the prying eyes

Definitely, it is great news to the computer users, Microsoft has come up with the screen which will let only users looking straight at the screen to view the display contents. Often, when you are using your PC in public, either on the laptops, tablets or smartphones, people will be looking at your screen which leave you uncomfortable. To check this problem, Microsoft has designed a characteristic display which doesn’t show anything to the one who are viewing at the screen from different angles other than 0 degrees.


Microsoft’s new Private Display was uncovered by the patently mobile when it is followed the Microsoft’s attempt to patent the display screen. However, Private Display is not the new concept, because Apple has did something similar in the past and got it patented, but doesn’t put it into real use. There are some display protectors available which protectors your screen from others, but unfortunate thing is that they cannot be used on all type of screens.

The basic idea behind this concept is to allow only eye sight lines which fall in the o degrees to show complete screen in the clear way. Those who around you looking at the screen cannot see anything on the screen from the different angles other than 0 degrees.

If this Private Display is put into real use, the it might come with the Microsoft Lumia and Surface devices in future. Microsoft is in plans to license this feature to its OEMs such that they too can offer the similar protection to their users who are using Windows Operating Systems. There are also doubts that whether this private display will be put into use in real life.

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