Microsoft patents Independent tiles technology

Microsoft has been granted an extension to their 2006 patent on live tiles by United States Patent and Trademark Office. Live tiles would expand the functionality of the iconic squares significantly. We have already got some rumors and demos regarding the new tile functionality and the patent clearly explains many of the use cases. The new items include independent tiles which are the tiles that doesn’t link to any app at all, but these are designed to display the information such as alarms.


Microsoft has also described about the tiles which will popup to display more information, but did not expand how the tiles should be activated. Exploding Live tiles is the most rumored from Microsoft would have a 3D sensor system when you just hover over the tile, with an alternative activation system that would have users tap on the certain corner of the tile.

Interactive live tiles such as calculators, is the another feature from the Microsoft Research demonstrate where the tiles would offer the functionality and controls without exiting from the start screen. Microsoft has also described the technology which we expect were just included for the sake of completeness, including the panes of the scrolling live tiles which looped all the way round which means that you could scroll from the top to bottom and navigate back to top while only scrolling in single direction and the tile profiles where there would be the set of work related tiles which were replaced with the set of leisure tiles over the weekends or where the work tiles would automatically cluster together.

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