Microsoft partnered with Intel to improve Microsoft Edge performance



Recently Microsoft has released its new browser Edge to the Windows 10 Operating System which is currently in preview. Edge, previously known as Project Spartan is the next generation browser and Microsoft is developing to compete with the popular browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft is working hard on this browser to attract the users from the popular browsers. In order to increase the Edge’s performance Microsoft is partnered with Intel, the giant chipmaker.

Intel aims to bring up its processor expertise to the scene in a bid to have Edge consuming less battery and offer good performance. This gain is only for those using Intel powered computer, AMD users are going to miss it. Both companies previously partnered up on a Javascript engine for Internet Explorer, called Chakra, which came into action during the time of Windows 8.1, mainly designed to improve the performance. If this collaboration works here, then it is no doubt that users will experience blazing performance with Edge browser and reduced battery life.

Intel and Microsoft has said in a blog post that,

As a part of broader collaboration between Intel and Microsoft on Windows 10, Intel engineers are collaborating with us closely to implement [single instruction, multiple data(SIMD)], a future ECMA script proposal, in Chakra and Microsoft Edge. The SIMD instruction set enables performing the same operation on multiple values simultaneously, thus providing much faster code execution when working on data vectors.

SIMD exploits the data level parallelism by using particular SIMD hardware instructions, which are supported in almost all the chipsets regardless of the architecture types. For the time being, SIMD will work under only some specific conditions in Windows 10 Technical preview version.

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